Welcome to the LCD gallery! Got a liquid crystal display hooked up to your computer? Want to show the world how good it is? Then you've come to the right place, here you can post all your LCD pics and even rate other peoples LCDs. The highest rated LCD is displayed on our front page for everyone to slobber over and for its owner to be seen as uber. Before you ask, we will accept VFDs and any other kind of display you have modded or hooked up to your computer! This is a new system that we coded ourselves so if you find any bugs i'd appreciate it if you could mail them to me here, cheers!

If you have previously submitted your LCD and are wondering why it is no longer in the database, please click here.

Number of LCDs on display: 154
Number of LCDs awaiting approval: 2

Known bugs:
Images on left are squashed FIXED (OMG!) July 24th 2009
Developer does not fix bugs in a reasonable timeframe :)
Site was down for a long time but is now BACK!! (July 24th 2009)

Most popular LCD:

Owner: Zoomer

Latest LCD:

Owner: DiloN  |  Doing some owning
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