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Username: genesis
Make: Densitron
Model: 240*64 pxls T6963c with white leds backlight
Cost: 90€ (euros)
Bought from: Densitron France
Link to this LCD:
Comments: integrated in my "Nemesis" server watercooling mod more pictures here: nemesis mod


Date submitted: 06/01/03
Rating: 0.67 from 230 votes

Username: Der_Rudy
Make: Powertip
Model: T6963C
Cost: 125€
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: The display is property of GraafTel, but mostly build by me, the second picture is in a building stage, but you can see it working.


Date submitted: 07/01/03
Rating: 1.76 from 321 votes

Username: Zotty
Make: Nan Ya
Model: LMxJ6x003xP
Cost: 65 Dutch Guilders
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: With inversed graphics, blue got boring :P


Date submitted: 07/01/03
Rating: 0.84 from 229 votes

Username: Rob Ley
Make: n/a
Model: Par hd44780
Cost: 18 US
Bought from: EBay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: MSI KT4 Ultra, AMD XP2000, Radeon 7500, 4" LCD hooked to Win TV Card PCI


Date submitted: 08/01/03
Rating: 1.98 from 399 votes

Username: Snake-Dsl
Make: Selfmade
Model: Displaytech 64128A
Cost: 70€
Bought from: Reichelt - Germany
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Display with automatic controlled backlight (brighter room ==> brighter backlight). Controlled with LCDInfo software from


Date submitted: 08/01/03
Rating: 1.1 from 280 votes

Username: Bellerophon
Make: Matrix Orbital / Aftermarket
Model: LK202 / 5" ultra slim
Cost: $175 US
Bought from: Check Howto article
Link to this LCD:


Date submitted: 09/01/03
Rating: 0.56 from 264 votes

Username: tigermain
Make: VL Systems
Model: LIS LCD
Cost: £70
Bought from: coolcasemods
Link to this LCD:
Comments: modded into a i-cube from full article posted on my site soon


Date submitted: 12/01/03
Rating: 0.81 from 232 votes

Username: tigermain
Make: Matrix Orbital
Model: blk202a
Cost: review model
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: part of project pleximiminum see:


Date submitted: 12/01/03
Rating: 1.11 from 286 votes

Username: tigermain
Make: matrix orbital
Model: lk204-25 pc
Cost: £130
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: part of project lava full details:


Date submitted: 12/01/03
Rating: 0.92 from 260 votes

Username: Ndtinker
Make: Matrix Orbital
Model: MO GLK12232-25sm
Cost: $75
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: This is a display I just bought and having fun using fonts I create and the graphics capibility is something I really like about it.


Date submitted: 15/01/03
Rating: 0.5 from 224 votes  |  Doing some owning
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