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Username: Zoomer
Make: Crownhimm
Model: SGLCD
Cost: Review Sample
Bought from: Chrownhill
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Hard to program but loads of fun


Date submitted: 13/07/03
Rating: 0.28 from 134 votes

Username: S8N
Make: Crystalfontz
Model: CFAH2004A-AGB-JP
Cost: $25
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: The LCD on my HTPC/HEPC.


Date submitted: 28/04/03
Rating: 0.29 from 118 votes

Username: Ndtinker
Make: IEE Century Series
Model: ACS1375
Cost: $25
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: They sold out of these awhile back but was lucky enough to snag one. I'm running this display by serial with LCDC. The top pic has my AMD logo in custom characters. The bottom is of the 2x2 big clock LCDC plugin.


Date submitted: 15/01/03
Rating: 0.31 from 133 votes

Username: Attila
Make: no-name
Model: HD44780
Cost: free
Bought from: got from a friend
Link to this LCD:
Comments: The photo and soldering aren't the best, but it works ;-) Greetings from Slovakia!


Date submitted: 17/10/05
Rating: 0.31 from 167 votes

Username: DeNs
Make: Toshiba
Model: Toshiba T6963C
Cost: AU$88
Bought from: eBay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Just a simple GLCD using the T6963C controller. I wouldn't have been able to complete it without the help of folks from the OCAU and LCDStudio forums. I made a schematic for this one for others if they wish to use it. ---dens


Date submitted: 04/08/06
Rating: 0.33 from 201 votes

Username: ChriX
Make: Powertip
Model: PG240128-A
Cost: £37
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Pretty sweet, green = boring though ;)


Date submitted: 28/12/02
Rating: 0.34 from 219 votes

Make: Seiko
Model: G2446
Cost: $25 usd
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Took a while to get it to wok but it was worth it


Date submitted: 18/02/03
Rating: 0.34 from 120 votes

Username: pK
Make: n/a
Model: KS0108 128x64
Cost: n/a
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Here is my new LCD diplay with 128x64 pixels. Im making a simple home-made old 8bits GameBoy with a PIC16F876 at 4Mhz with some self programmed games like Snake, Space invaders, Pacman etc. See more at


Date submitted: 12/01/06
Rating: 0.34 from 195 votes

Username: fluppie007
Make: Noritake
Model: vfd800
Cost: $ 45
Bought from: ebay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: n/a


Date submitted: 16/03/03
Rating: 0.35 from 143 votes

Username: genesis
Make: Densitron
Model: 4*20 characters (HD44780)
Cost: 30€ (euros)
Bought from: Densitron France
Link to this LCD:
Comments: integrated in my "Blue Iceberg" watercooling mod more pictures here: blue iceberg mod


Date submitted: 06/01/03
Rating: 0.36 from 205 votes  |  Doing some owning
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