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Username: Ndtinker
Make: IEE Century Series
Model: ACS1375
Cost: $25
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: They sold out of these awhile back but was lucky enough to snag one. I'm running this display by serial with LCDC. The top pic has my AMD logo in custom characters. The bottom is of the 2x2 big clock LCDC plugin.


Date submitted: 15/01/03
Rating: 0.61 from 189 votes

Username: PresRuud
Make: matrix
Model: PSONE no sony
Cost: n/a
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Sharp LQ050A3AD01


Date submitted: 06/12/07
Rating: 0.61 from 266 votes

Username: benje
Make: n/a
Model: HD44780
Cost: £25
Bought from: forums
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Originally bought a Crystalfontz 128x64 blue/white graphical lcd, but wouldn't work, so I got this blue/white 4x20 character lcd instead :)


Date submitted: 08/04/04
Rating: 0.62 from 207 votes

Username: lambsb
Make: Data Vision
Model: HD44780
Cost: Free
Bought from: Old Credit Card Machine
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Came from an old credit card scanner. Probably several out there available, as most companies are updating.


Date submitted: 25/06/07
Rating: 0.62 from 266 votes

Username: GuardianStorm
Make: n/a
Model: ST7065 or ST7066
Cost: €12
Bought from: eBay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: nothing special, just showing off my AMD logo!


Date submitted: 30/12/05
Rating: 0.63 from 232 votes

Make: Seiko
Model: G2446
Cost: $25 usd
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Took a while to get it to wok but it was worth it


Date submitted: 18/02/03
Rating: 0.64 from 182 votes

Username: fluppie007
Make: Noritake
Model: vfd800
Cost: $ 45
Bought from: ebay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: n/a


Date submitted: 16/03/03
Rating: 0.64 from 196 votes

Username: !UR!
Make: n/a
Model: SED1330Fba 320/240
Cost: R$ 10
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Ageadecimento todo especial ao nosso SuperTEc em eletronica SUAVE da Nada disso seria possível não fosse a dedicação dele.


Date submitted: 29/04/07
Rating: 0.64 from 260 votes

Username: priyayisae
Make: n/a
Model: 20x4 HD44780
Cost: about 150k rupiah
Bought from: any electronic components
Link to this LCD:
Comments: realtime moving images... you can get better look in my video ( Enjoy!


Date submitted: 24/07/07
Rating: 0.64 from 255 votes

Username: Zotty
Make: Polytronix ?
Model: 128x128 T6963C
Cost: n/a
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: It was broke and without a datasheet when I got it, but I got it working and this is the result. Not bad if you ask me. The EL-foil backlight is very weird to see, the color is rather cold, but it draws your eyes to it.


Date submitted: 11/02/03
Rating: 0.65 from 216 votes  |  Doing some owning
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