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Username: Steve018
Make: LcdStudio
Model: ks0108
Cost: €29.8
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: This is my first pc moddin' project included a pair of blue shakoon neon, a home made plexi and one 128*64 lcd(controlled lpt port).


Date submitted: 08/08/06
Rating: 0.53 from 392 votes

Username: DeNs
Make: Toshiba
Model: Toshiba T6963C
Cost: AU$88
Bought from: eBay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Just a simple GLCD using the T6963C controller. I wouldn't have been able to complete it without the help of folks from the OCAU and LCDStudio forums. I made a schematic for this one for others if they wish to use it. ---dens


Date submitted: 04/08/06
Rating: 0.56 from 250 votes

Username: Predator Ciro
Make: Datavision
Model: T6963C 240x128 EL backlight
Cost: 25 €
Bought from: Ebay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: I bought the lcd and the inverter on ebay. The case is in plywood dressed with black paper. It works very nice with lcd studio: A GREAT SOFTWARE!!


Date submitted: 25/06/06
Rating: 0.86 from 311 votes

Username: spawnrider
Make: Sony
Model: PsOne TFT
Cost: 55$
Bought from: Ebay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: This is my Psone TFT screen. It run on the Tv-out connection but the Vga connection don't work now.


Date submitted: 10/04/06
Rating: 0.56 from 276 votes

Username: Oracono85
Make: DataVision
Model: P231 REV-A
Cost: 29 euro
Bought from: Ebay (canada)
Link to this LCD:
Comments: It's very good! I don't have an inverter to light it, but it's very visible! The view angle is good and the refresh it's excellent! (not like blue/withe lcd, that are very slow for example with a winamp spectrum analizer)


Date submitted: 05/03/06
Rating: 0.64 from 255 votes

Username: Jackuzy
Make: Sharp
Model: LQ9D023
Cost: 30zl = $10
Bought from: from me :D
Link to this LCD:
Comments: It's a LCD taken from a Toshiba laptop, it's 8,4" 256 colors, but under computer uses only about 16 of them :D is conected to a VFC connector to S3Trio64V2 PCI :D


Date submitted: 27/02/06
Rating: 1.03 from 282 votes

Username: Prof_Booty
Make: Sony
Model: PSone LCD
Cost: $34 shipped
Bought from: Ebay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: I'm using the Svideo out on a GFX 6600 which lets me stretch the S video to reach the full screen. Using Samurize for bottom 1/4th and i throw download windows or winamp on top. Good times.


Date submitted: 15/02/06
Rating: 0.94 from 255 votes

Username: JohnLeung
Make: TechToys
Model: Amulet SBC-STK1
Cost: US$300
Bought from: Hong Kong
Link to this LCD:
Comments: With Touch panel feature


Date submitted: 15/02/06
Rating: 0.75 from 276 votes

Username: Eurisko
Make: Wintek
Model: WM-G2406I-6WLYa
Cost: AU$40
Bought from: Ebay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: My first LCD Display. 240x64 dots, running LCDinfo 0.6. Displaying Winamp stats now, going to be used as a Temp and CPU monitor in a CarPuter currently under construction.


Date submitted: 22/01/06
Rating: 0.6 from 243 votes

Username: spawnrider
Make: home made
Model: SED 1330 - // Port
Cost: 30 €
Bought from: Ebay
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Now, it running on Linux with Lcd4Linux.


Date submitted: 19/01/06
Rating: 0.65 from 270 votes  |  Doing some owning
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