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Username: tinbox
Make: Planar
Model: EL640.480.AD4 HD
Cost: 150
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Display is rotated 90 degrees to fit the opening. 1/4" Plexiglass face is press fit. Custom machined brackets to hold display. Switch mounted in spring loaded ball to turn display off when door is closed. Driven off a 133mhz SBC with external video card wired off the vesa connector. In the future the SBC will be upgraded to mITX external computer for cooler operation and more power. Current desgin is fanless. External ports are Kb, Ms, Video, Network.


Date submitted: 27/03/07
Rating: 2.77 from 538 votes

Username: Dr. Clone
Make: Japanese generic
Model: HD44780
Cost: A visit to my friend
Bought from: A gift from my friend Guepi
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Recovered from a MP3-Case old proyect. Thanks Andrés.


Date submitted: 21/01/07
Rating: 2.78 from 537 votes

Username: iremo
Make: iRemo PCLAB
Model: T6963c, 240x128
Cost: n/a
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: A 240x128 pixel,b/w,ccfl backlight,Lcdstudio & Lcdhype 100% compatible,with parallel port cable and power adapter :)


Date submitted: 11/01/07
Rating: 2.77 from 538 votes

Username: Predator Ciro
Make: 4x20 blue led backlight, white character
Model: HD44780
Cost: 12€
Bought from: Ebay - rainbow city store
Link to this LCD:
Comments: This is my first "extractable panel" lcd made in plywood dressed with black paper.. Closed it take only one 5 1/4 bay, leaving space for other peripheral... Opened it take two 5 1/4 bay and work with lcdsmartie.. more picture at


Date submitted: 04/01/07
Rating: 2.76 from 541 votes

Username: Asmo
Make: DataVision
Model: NTM244X64A (with T6963C)
Cost: 50€
Bought from:
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Can handle double-buffering. Cute ccfl backlight (cyan). Quite huge.


Date submitted: 04/01/07
Rating: 2.79 from 535 votes  |  Doing some owning
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